25 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

My Creative Space (mess) :)

You know I was ill last few days. Now I'm okay. Because of this illness I had a mees around my work space :) This morning, I arranged and home cleaning a little bit.

This papers is photography paper. I printed this stuff from my Print Center. This will be a pin hole camera when it finished :)

You can check out this link http://www.corbis.readymech.com/en/ for other DIY pin hole cameras :) Hehe amazing isnt it? :)))

Mine is first, red one :)

Off to work now... If you have time, you must see other creative spaces: Kootoyoo

6 yorum:

RitaJC dedi ki...

Fun! Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown dedi ki...

OOoh gonna try that out for sure!

sesiber dedi ki...

How colorful and funny :)

Unknown dedi ki...

hello i am start today etsy handmade. i hope you interest my design too. www.sibiagac.blogspot.com

all looks so lovely :)

StaroftheEast dedi ki...

Creativity goes together with mess :) Lovely!

Adsız dedi ki...

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