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Mother&Daughter Crafting Duos and a Surprise!

This morning I woke up with a surprise! You know Ayca (http://ayca.etsy.com) She's my friend. We met in Etsy, after we had real met :) I take her supply shop photos.

She works with her mother. She told her story in "Calling All Mother/Daughter/Son Crafting Duos" thread.
I hear your voice, where is that surprise :) Here in the story;

"My name is Ayca and this is my shop...( http://www.etsy.com/shop/Ayca ) If you wonder,how I meet Etsy..?

After I got married I quit working in my job (import&export chemical raw) because of my husband's bussiness (travelling to much from north to south,east to west and start to travel with him..)

Then my daugther was borned;after the pregnancy, to get rid of the postpartum syndrome; with one of my friend's recomendation I met Etsy in the begining of 2009..

I am a mother as well,now my daugther is 20 months old.My mom is living with us and it seems as 3 generations we are interested with crafter.
When I first featured for Etsy finds mail,I was to excited & happy,of course my mom was whitness to my happiness and she said 'it will be beautiful and meaningful if there is a way to make my own flowers...We named these flowers as peacefull flowers to spread out the wold 'This is the main idea for our shop...( http://www.etsy.com/shop/SuppliesbyAyca )This is my mom's shop and she is more then happy when she created something ,by the way she is 67 :) As you know after a certain age mothers feel themselves retired from life and Etsy is like a theraphy for her...
When my mom and me doing crafter;my daugther is always very happy to play with the different colored yarns...And this makes 3 generations :)

My friends in Turkey and friends from Etsy always appreciate for choise of colors and yarn and asking how I manage & choose certain colors for certain designs..?
Here is the answer;
The growth in this regard my secret,my advisor is my husband...
Quite a long time he is professionaly educated and working with colors on Handmade Oriental Carpets ; living with the Carpets..He is giving lectures about Carpets and this art form..

I could finish my words after explaining my best friend & photographers Ayca aka http://www.etsy.com/shop/IchaPhotography and her more then beautiful photos;
I would especially like to thank you to my friend Ayca ,she certainly adds color to our shop with her photo & editting at the same time for giving support with her beautiful perspective and she is our partner in supplie shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/SuppliesbyAyca at the same time..

Especially thank you to Etsy to give the chance to us for seeing and knowing the global world..

Thanks for your time !
Greetings from Istanbul...
Ayca "

Thank you my dear, I'm happy that being a part of your supply shop :)

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I always love your work and your photo shots dear Ayca!