28 Eylül 2010 Salı

I'm featured on Heartmade! :)

My Red series-2 photo print featured on a lovely blog "Heartmade"

This is very excited for me. Because blog's writer sweet Mayi and David(her boyfriend) 's 1th anniversary.

I wish them eternal love! Pls visit her beautiful and bright blog:


Thank you so much for feature, Mayi!
All my best wishes from Ankara,


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5 yorum:

Sandy a la Mode dedi ki...

hello! it is nice meeting you too (re your rikrak shop comment)! your photography is BEAUTIFUL! congrats on the feature!

Icha Photography dedi ki...

Welcome to my blog Sandy! Thank you so much for visiting and your beautiful words! :)

Green Girl dedi ki...

Hi Icha,

Thanks for visiting my blog:) You have some beautiful photography. Would you like to be featured in an interview on my blog? The segment is called "Behind the Lens Of". Let me know what you think:)

Have a great day,

Icha Photography dedi ki...

Rachel, This sounds great. I love to answer your interview questions! Thank you!
All the best,

Loddelina dedi ki...

thanks for stopping by, you have a lovely blog and this Heartmade feature is amazing!