22 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Ayca & Ayca Meeting in Istanbul :)

I had a photo shooting in Istanbul last weekend. Very long and very tired days for me and my hubby. Because my hubby was too sick, but he wanted to come with me to Istanbul.


We passed like a wind on this wonderful city, my hometown :)


We went to Ayca Hoser and her family's house for sunday evening dinner. We have a lot of things to talk. But time never enough... I think we saw each other for 2 hours. After dinner we were on the road to Ankara, back our home, our kittens :)

Here is Ayca&Ayca ( Funny name combination like company names :)))
Thank you so much for dinner invitation and your hospitality my dear! (((hugs)))

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IKABAGS dedi ki...

How lovely ;) crazy women photo !

When are you coming Paris ?

Msg from i phone because i am in meeting now !

Kisses and cheers