28 Ocak 2010 Perşembe

My Creative Space

I'm working on my new felt coasters for IchaSupplies

Also I'm hardly working on my main job Wedding Photography( Dugun Hikayesi )

We have a early reservation campaign for engaged couples. So my phones ringing all day :) This is fantastic, because we completely full of Wedding Story work for all June.
And my lovely siameses :) They fall in love with each other :) They keep me calm and relax...
Visit some great and inspiring creative spaces at Kootoyoo.

3 yorum:

june at noon dedi ki...

Those first photos are great, so much color!

Kirsty dedi ki...

I love the wip shots too...really lovely.

Duygu NK dedi ki...

ı like your siameses photo :) they are so cute and lovely