5 Ocak 2010 Salı

Ayca and SuppliesbyAyca @ETSY

Yes, our name is same :) "Ayca" means that "New Moon"

I met her at etsy. I live in Ankara and she lives in Istanbul. So we have 6 hours distance in 2 cities.

Ayça's "last one year" to work with an incredible success at Etsy, great product with a shop there.

The first shop opened in January 2009, today(5th). Now She had 141 sale and 4099 followers She is really succesfull! Ayca in her shop, has a great knitting and crochet designs. You can order these great designs for you or for gift. You can follow her promotions with certain periods.

A few months ago, I was in Istanbul. We met and I took her designs photographes. This is for her first store, named Ayca.

After then, a package arrived me and I took photographs of the "knitting flowers" for her. Last night She opened the supply store. I hope my photos bring you good luck.

Ayca's great shops here:

★ ★ ★

You want me to make your product shots. (ın Turkey)
You can reach me e-mail address certain: aycanindukkani@gmail.com

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Unknown dedi ki...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful products! No chance of you conming to Norway eh :-D

Icha Photography dedi ki...

Inger, thanks a lot :) I think not possible right now, going to Norway :)

RitaJC dedi ki...

Thank you so much for sharing! Great pics!